Monday, July 7, 2008

my love of health/natural food stores

I live 30 minutes from the closest town and it's a very little town. But it does have one health store so its not so bad. Well anway I just want to express how much love I have for health stores.
I hardly ever get to go to them though :( -With the price of gas and the fact that I can't legally drive by myself yet- I just can't go as much as I wish I could.
When I do get to go I feel so happy surrounded by all the herbs and spices, the fresh organic fruits and veggies, and all kinds of vegan goodies I only see on online stores!
Health stores seem much more "from the heart" than any other store. Generic food stores do not have as much personalitly, or at least to me they don't.
Maybe someday I'll own a health store of my own. I think I'd call it HippieAdventures, since I really like hippieness and adventures ;-)

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