Monday, February 7, 2011

Football, Pizza, and Granola! Can you say random!?

I am no football fan (sorry?) but I did catch this year's Superbowl with my parents, and it was surprisingly a fun time! Being the first night as an "only child" since my sister and niece just moved to their new house in town, it was a little strange but I am admittedly happy to have my parents to myself.

While watching the bowl I made some mini vegan pizzas which consisted of thin bread, marinara sauce, roasted brussel sprouts, black olives, onion, and my favorite pineapple. They were pretty tasty--woulda been way better with Daiya cheese but I worked with what I could scavenge. My steak-eating dad even enjoyed one saying "loads of flavor" and "interesting"...which I don't know if that's THE best compliment but he ate it so that says a lot for my history of cooking.

When Glee, you know the singing show, came on I found an interesting recipe for granola on Oh She new obsession) and dove into making it- turned out way better than I expected! I didn't have every little ingredient but the final product was just fine for me. My granola consisted of dried figs, raisins, cashews, and peanuts. With hot soy milk I was pretty much
on  cloud vegan!

My new favorite granola recipe!

So what about you guys? Do you enjoy the Superbowl when it rolls around?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Digging through a frozen waste land for dinnner

I found some frozen bread and a bag of brussels. That's all I needed to be happy...well at least content for the time being until I can crawl my way to civilization and get some, uh, real food (something not frozen please). Like an apple. Sweet. Crunchy. Appppples!!

Bread. Melted Butttter. My buddies the Brussels, roasted. And a cup of joe with soy. Dinner.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside? You have no idea!

I am missing fresh foods. I'd kill for an apple right now. Okay so maybe I wouldn't go that far...but considering school has been canceled until Monday I might just go crazy being stuck at home.
Trying to get out of the driveway!
My dad and I ventured into town- which is 20 minutes away on a normal day. The roads were horrible.
But we made it to town only to have the doors of the grocery store locked just as we were driving into the parking lot! Talk about a downer!
Dollar General was the only thing open! Thank goodness. So no fresh fruit or really anything except some packaged soup and raisins...dang. Better than nothing I suppose.
Andrew gettin' wood for the fire

Snow Days: Coffee, Mindless TV Shows, and Nothing Productive

Sunglasses- because snow is BRIGHT! 
Boring, Boring, Boring! 
That's all I can think to say about this week. We got SO much snow! Like 15 inches or something like that.
After a million cups of joe and way too much America's Next Top Model and Keeping up With the Kardashians, my brain feels officially fried.  But I guess snow days are suppose to be completely boring and unproductive.
How would you spend your snow days?

I definitely don't miss school, but I do miss my buddies! One negative thing about living in the country when it snows is you don't see a soul for how ever long you're stuck at home.

The BADS (bailey, anna, dakota, shane)

                                              This is was our "fierce modeling pose"