Sunday, February 15, 2009


Oh if you only knew how much I love tea. Love love love it!
I only drink tea in the mornings on the weekdays because I feel it keeps me up too late if I drink it with dinner.
I like lots of different kinds but I usually like English Breakfast Teas, most black teas. I like green tea but it tends to dry my tongue out. Does green tea does that to you?

Fairytale or kind of cottages

I've dreamed and schemed how my future home would look. I've gone just wanting a cardboard box down by the river to needing a mansion next to the ocean. But I've meet my dreams somewhere in the middle now. I dream of a fairytale or kind of like that type of stone, vine-covered cottage in the woods. But not a teeny-tiny cottage, a normal house sized cottage. Big enough for all my future children and animals. And all my stuff because I am a pack rat!

This is an amazing house. It'd be good enough for me :)