Monday, July 7, 2008

my ode to red hair

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This is my ode to red hair:

A head of flames so brightly red
Because of a genetic mutation I read

So easy to spot red hair in a crowd
But so hard for people not to be wowed

And it's not just the hair- its the spirit inside
The crazy amount of pride supplied

No need to hide those firery locks
Because lots of people think that being red headed rocks

Its a gift to be so unique
To have hair considered quite chic

The Weasleys worked treases that were a flame
And just look at their growing fame

Natural redheads embrace that hair
And others who aren't find your own personal flare

© Annabellthehippe 2008©

That was a lot of fun!
If you are looking for a great red hair dye I suggest using Henna. Its completly safe for your hair and does not damage it one bit- it acutally enhances its beauty. Its my miracle hair dye. I had red hair already but it just wasn't as bright as I had always dreamed of. So I just slathered the messy muddy goop that is henna on for 3 and a half hours (natural ways aren't always easier but the result is totally worth it) and tada: bright red hair! But henna cannot lighten and only adds a red sheen to really dark hair. You'd have to lighten it before applying henna to get a bright red. Oh and use only body art quality henna, BAQ, because other "fake" hennas can do bad stuff to your hair. The hennaforhair site will tell you everything you need to know about henna!
There's all heeps of info about henna and other natural hair dyes here:
Thanks for reading my poem and I hope you enjoyed your stay

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