Thursday, May 28, 2015

Long time no vegan...

Hello Blogworld,

It has been far too long since I made a post on here. And to add fuel to the fire, it has been several years since I stopped being vegan. Yikes. I am still a vegetarian, and will forever be, but I have been struggling with remaining faithful to the sans dairy and eggs lifestyle. I have been going off and on the past few weeks. I tend to get really motivated and then the lose it the very next day. I do plan on finding my strength again. I remember when I was vegan I was so intense and proud of my dietary choice of veganism. I know I can get back in the flow of things. I already feel pretty good about transitioning back to being vegan and have been finding little ways to spark the same passion I had before. In the end it is about compassion for animals and health-and when I think about those two very important factors it makes skipping on that big ol' bowl of Trader Joe's vanilla  ice cream a bit easier...or at least bearable in the meanwhile.

I'm sure no one reads this blog anymore, or heck, maybe no one ever did. But if there is anyone out there let me know if you have gone through a rough time regarding following a vegan diet. I know for me I simply lost my fire. It had also been shortly after I had gotten married and my new husband was anything but vegan. It made it difficult to cook meals together and although he never pushed me away from it, it definitely was a contributing factor. Whatever the reason, I know I am already on my way to becoming a (re)seasoned vegan for life. 

Perhaps you are wondering what has sparked my recent pathway back to the vegan choice. Well, besides the animal cruelty that accompanies the dairy and egg industry, which I cannot ignore any longer, there is the huge factor of health. Granted, even while vegan for about 5 years I suffered stomach problems. But I digress. For the past few years I have been having terrible acne. Superficial yes, but it has impacted me greatly. Even when a raging, hormonal teenage I only ever had the occasional blemish. I turned a vegetarian and soon to vegan when I was about 13/14 years old. Perhaps that contributed to my clear skin. Regardless, I have not been vegan for the past 3 years and I find myself dealing with troubled skin. No bueno. I must add that I also started taking birth control (yuck) around the same time of stopping my vegan diet so that could have also thrown my body for a loop. So here I am. Doing my part to get my body back the natural and balanced state it once was in. I am going to start being active, being vegan, and being the old me again. 

Cheers to being vegan. 


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