Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday Morning

Breakfast on the road.
Okay. How the heck can I find the words to describe my love for this thing. It was nutty, fruity, chocolaty, and oh-so-great.  Seriously you should pick one of these up the second you can- they are that good. I'm not sure how much this bar cost since my food is the one thing I don't penny-pinch on. But for the amount of calories (like 380 if you eat it all like I did), taste (amazing), and its a pretty hefty size (not one of those teeny tiny baby bars) I'd say its a steal.

Then I just had to get my beloved, once in a good while, caramel latte. This one was made with rice milk and although I usually go for soy or almond, it was a really lovely choice. Usually I stick with my black tea and agave- but a frothy coffee drink now and then is how I seize the day. Or at least the morning. Carpe Diem coffee lovers!

There's me devouring my
PRO BAR in a very lady-like, civilized manner.
Hey, it was raining and I was hungry.

My mom was jealous because I had delicious, vegan food while she was stuck with a freaking hot McDonald's coffee and a muffin whatchawhatchamacallit.
Just kidding Mom!

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