Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Morning meal and a funny story

Crunchy cereal and hot tea.

Funny story time
Last night my dad was mowing and since its been raining so much the ground is mushy and sinky (and green). He eventually got stuck. Not a huge deal right?
Well he attempted to get it out by use of his pick-up truck. That got stuck too. I'm sure he was fairly mad by now, surprise, surprise.
Next he tried the tractor. And that got stuck in the darn yard too. Big deal now.
So Mom drove him into town to get the manly-man truck with power. And yes. That got stuck with all the other vehicles. As you can probably assume my dad was feeling pretty mad by now. And they are all stuck sitting in the yard, but at least they aren't lonely.
I am sure he will perk up when he gets at least one of his means of transportation out of the mud.
I guess life can sometimes be a stick, or mower, in the mud.

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