Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Challenge: A Better Body

Feeling good about yourself is essential to finding joy, and of course physical and mental health. I'm not talking becoming skin and bones or that "perfect body weight." Rather, being fit and healthy. I'm definitely not fat AT ALL. I sure feel it sometimes but that's beside the point. Everyone has tidbits about themselves they wish they could alter. My not-so-great body attributes would be my stomach. I look fairly skinny everywhere but the middle.
Basically the foods I love are making my belly flab stick around- even with all the crunches and running. Crappy junk-food leads way to a crappy body, for me at least.
So here's my CHALLENGE (A challenge for sure): Eat only pure foods. No more white, empty carbohydrates. No more empty calories. NO MORE JUNK! 

Pure foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains (like quiona, rice, and whole wheat bread), and proteins (like tofu, tempeh, nuts).

This is my body before: 

I'm totally trying to hide my bod...BUT as you can see, my stomach needs to decrease in size! And it will!

The AFTER shot is in progress....

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