Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Teen Preggies

You've probably heard the news about the alarming number of teens getting pregnant. If not..what cardboard box are you living in? :)
Well do you know that they are blaming the movies like Juno and Knocked Up!
What a bunch of BS!
I truly think that society has become so "bendable" and sways to every piece of information or lifestyle shoved in front of their faces. But you can't go blaming the movies. I saw Juno and I don't think it glorified pregnancy at all. Neither did Knocked Up.
Teenage pregnancy seems to be getting more and more common these days and because of that girls don't fear getting pregnant as much. They can just give the baby up for adoption like Juno did. Or they think hey me and the daddy will fall in love like the couple in Knocked Up.
Its not the movies fault at all and I don't see why they have to put up someone else for the blame. It's not Jaime Lyn Spears fault teens are getting pregnant.
Girls are having sex- that's the issue. Guys want sex. And these days the age of girls having babies are just getting lower and lower.
There will always be movies and movies are not real life.
And teens will continue to have sex and continue to get pregnant with or without the movies.
That's real life, no blaming the movies or celebs....Its those darn horny teen boys!

My big sis April had her baby at 19 years old. Almost not a teen...but still

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