Sunday, July 20, 2008

The root of all evil right?
Well maybe in some cases. In my case it's disappoint and sadness. The value of money has gone down so much. You just can't buy stuff like you use to. Life is hard. Pressure to get a job and start thinking about my future is thick as molasses in my head.
I feel weighed down by money. If my family wants to go somewhere it's going to cost us an arm and leg just in gas to get there and back.
I feel I am obligated to fix this. To do something great and earn enough money to reassure my family. To not have to worry about bills and if we can afford this or that.
I want to do something I love though. I want to create poems and books. Take pictures. Act.
I want to accomplish my dreams and make money at it!
Sounds like every ones' dream?
Yeah, probably.
Think my chances our slim?
Think I can't do it?
Oh but I can.
Why am I so great?
Because I follow my heart. And I belief.

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