Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Eco Living

Lets talk about eco living or the new cool term green living.

I've cared about my impact on the earth for a few years now and it was a bit strange when all of the world started all this green trip, but I find it as a wonderful thing for more people to start caring. But at times I do get..frustrated seeing people wearing shirts that say great things like Recycle, Save the Whales, Save water-get dirty, ect ect.

But I cannot help ask myself: do they actually try and do all these things their shirts are showcasing? I sure hope so.

I wonder if they're just wearing these shirts because of all the radness about being green and they don't do anything different in their lifestyles.

But perhaps they are very green and are trying to spread the news of the eco lifestyle!

So to all the people of the world: Wear it and mean it

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